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I had a request from a customer for a short bio. Here goes (with a wood/pen slant):

Ted was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Ted's an Engineer by training and vocation. He graduated from Ohio State, obtained his professional engineer's registration in Ohio and worked in the natural gas business for 7 years before moving to Michigan, again to work for a natural gas distribution company. He is currently a registered professional engineer and a licensed storm water professional in Michigan. He retired from the natural gas distribution business in 2010.

Ted's lived and worked in Michigan for nearly 35 years. He rediscovered wood about 15 years ago and his passion for the craft has been growing ever since. Ted works in a 24 x 32 out building on his property. He moved there from a small basement shop and declares it's the only move he's ever enjoyed. Ted enjoys doing casework most but has been known to take on just about anything.

Several years ago, Ted's wife asked him if he could "make a pen" and gave him a starter kit for Christmas. Having no experience turning, he found a used lathe, turned a couple pens and was addicted. His pens are currently offered at 4 locations in the Lansing area and he also does a couple craft fairs each year.

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